Searching For Jane

After the loss of his daughter in a horrific car crash, Alan spirals through a journey of paranoia and insanity in order to reunite his shattered family. As loneliness and confusion grip him, will Alan recover from the blow that ruined his life?
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I really love this. It brings up an interesting question because I don't think I could ever do that job. Brilliant I am really enjoying it!
Really good! You capture the emotions of the people very well, and how hard it would be to loose something like that. :(
Urgh. What a horrible job to do! I don't think I could EVER do anything like that!  Good storyline so far--reading on.
Oh my i don't think i could do her job at all, i am going to read more =) Just a little hint though add more detail it will help your writing alot trust me.
this is so good! its packed with suspense,and its very gripping...great job!
It is great, but there are some capitalization errors and I think you might need to add more suspenseful or descriptive words. :)

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