Banished By My Mate Damon Jr and Serenity

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Banished By My Mate Damon Jr and Serenity 

"You're late." I heard a deep voice from behind me making me jump.

"I-I was at work." His face held annoyance. 

"Don't let it happen again. Follow me" 

"Where are we going?" I asked. "To my hangout spot. Now stop asking questions." 

Gosh hes a jerk. The 'hangout spot' was a 1 story cabin in the woods it was beautiful. I followed him to a room with a big bed, TV and dresser. 

"Get undressed... now!" 

"I-I don't want to do this Damon." I whispered while looking at the ground, he made me nervous and I had a habit of stuttering when I was nervous or scared.

"Did I ask you what you wanted?.. Now do it before I take them off myself. I hope you have nothing planned because were going to be here for a while." Moon Goddess please help me I said to myself.
no u should change that to and run him over  with acop car truck bus and copter
I would punch Him in the nose then knee him in the groin then run and call the cops
please update and she would be with damien the other damon is a dick he wants to give her up anyway once he gets the king or whatever
gaaaaaawd !!! i don't want you to end this book ! Damien is friggin' sexy !!
I really like this book please update I really like Damien better tho
That effin prick with a d*%# the size of a grain if sand. IM GONNA CASTRATE HIM AND SERVE HIM HIS ESSENTIALS.