This Life is a Beautiful War

Jake Macpherson and Gabrielle (Gabby) Arnold had been best friends since preschool. But then Gabby was in a car accident when she was twelve, which killed her father. Jake stuck beside Gabby through everything, though, even when she tried to push him away. Now it's their senior year and Jake still knows that Gabby is keeping something from him after all these years, something that she tries so desperately to hide by never wearing anything that shows the skin on her arms or legs. That is until one day she finally breaks and Jake finally finds out what's been happening to her.
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Lol he's like me... Next time I'm late, I have Saturday school two weeks in a row
I love how the characters continue, I usually don't like books like that but she makes it really fun and interesting to learn more about the families.
OMG they are exactly like two of my best guy friends hahah they are awesome
OMG I thought it said Jaclyn and I was like wtf why is she having girlfriends but being called the nice guy haha lol this is good so far
Bahahahahahahahaha your books always make me laugh like an idiot!!!!!!! That was truly hilarious
I just realized all your books are connected in some way..... Should I read them all like now I'm freaking out thinking I have to read them all oh whatever I probably will anyway 

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