Princess in Disguise

A princess with a secret is forced to be the personal maid for the neighboring kingdoms prince, whom of course she despises. She works hard to keep her identity secret and find a way to free her family from the grip of their kidnapers. Join her as she works to return life as she once knew it.
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Wow just from this, I'm truly hooked!!! The queen is so believeable. Man you are a brilliant writer and this is just the begining
Gosh! I really love this story! I like it! I'll vote this ;) Its like a fairytale
One of those chapters is copied? I read the same first chapter in a different book..
@APieceOfMess ohhh!! i've read that manga!! i forgot the title though! ahahah ;)
I really liked the chapter, but I feel the it should be longer. I still think you should add more description, though. But so far, so good.
Good start to the story. I didn't see any really obvious mistakes. Very well written, but try to add more details. I like both of the covers.

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