When Universes Meet

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Korsakov By Korsakov Completed
Why our universe is a bit slower than the others.
atMasiahWilliams atMasiahWilliams a year ago
bravo. another great expression of originality,  made plain and clear.
HaleyMayfieldBooks HaleyMayfieldBooks 2 years ago
Very unique. Please everyone check out my story Lucid under science fiction!
malibunerd malibunerd 2 years ago
Woah! So I am not the only one who had the wild thought that stars were sentient nucleii/brains of sort... But anyways, awesome story! Mind boggling and funny. 
KshipraSawant KshipraSawant 2 years ago
This is the third of your stories that I've read and I can't help but say that I love your writing, especially your thoughts and how you're able to put it down so well in these works of science-fiction! Really, keep it up! :D
stealthyninja21 stealthyninja21 3 years ago
i thought it was interesting to find out what universes would talk about if they could, talk. I hope our universe does make it to the next meeting :)
dragongeek1 dragongeek1 3 years ago
Very interesting idea! Especially with our universe being the oldest, I would have predicted him as the youngest.