The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire (fanfiction)

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IsabelNaquin By IsabelNaquin Updated 2 months ago
In the world of Shadowhunters, war is coming. A war that throws heaven against hell. It's up to Clary, Jace, Simon, and the others to lead the war and defeat their worse enemy. Clary's own brother. Sebastian. The odds are against them but, will love and sacrafice be enough to save them? Lives and love will be tested in this 6th instalment of The Mortal Instruments series. "Will love be their salvation or destruction?"
(All credit goes to Cassandra Clare and her amazing work! I do not own any these charecters, etc.)
LizzYance LizzYance a month ago
Aww. It was good that you make Jace propose in book VI , just that it's not the Herondale ring. Well it was great.
TheGreekBookGeek12 TheGreekBookGeek12 7 months ago
btw this is just a fanfic not the real thing as the oldest comment is a month old and heavenly fire only came out this week
TheGreekBookGeek12 TheGreekBookGeek12 7 months ago
Also u wouldn't use a family ring as an engagement ring u give ur family ring as a token to show that u love that person lots then u get them a wicked engagement ring
TheGreekBookGeek12 TheGreekBookGeek12 7 months ago
don't want to ruin anyone's clace moment here but shouldn't it be the Herondale family ring because technically he is jace Herondale.
FarahTariq123 FarahTariq123 8 months ago
fourth. btw can someone tell me if this is a fan fiction or the real city of heavenly fire?
Edmundherondale Edmundherondale 9 months ago
Your writing is just perfect. Gahh I'm jealous. This is so amazing