Tormented (Zouis Talik Student/Teacher)

Zayn was convinced it was just a simple crush he'd get over soon enough, a stupid infatuation over his alluring English teacher, Mr Tomlinson, That's what he thought. But sooner or later, the feeling of sublime attraction becomes mutual, and despite having so much for both of them to sacrifice if they do choose to accept their feelings for each other, but when their emotions and hearts bond into love, what will become of them both? Will Zayn's dirty little secrets destory the whole relationship? Will the obstacle of Louis's family get in the way? Or they really both meant to be with someone else?
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Louis and Zayn both aren't from Wolverhampton so why does it take place here? Just wondering
Eleanor BYE. I like you yes but really not when you ruin my zouis moments, bye exit.
@InLoveWithAshton5sos He doesnt masturbate at dinner but he probably does masturbate to louis in private
Why would the sun not shine there? I thought the sun shines in happy places ;) *wink wink*
Go away eleanor I love you but really no every single thing u gotta ruin it KDKDHDKSNDIDN
ok. I need a better picture. does he masturbait at dinner or what? like... he says thats not far from the truth... help me out ppl!

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