Without Him

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RMA5142 By RMA5142 Updated 19 days ago
(Going through editing; ++ AMATEUR) Ella Daniels gave her heart away to Max Wilde, only to get it all crumbled up by him that one night everything between them ended after Ella made a shocking revelation. Nearly a year later, Max makes a sudden appearance in Ella's life but will he be welcomed back again after the way he treated her that night? This time, Ella is not only protecting herself but also someone else. Will he earn a second chance or did it all come to an end that night she left?
Crazii_Bishlighhh Crazii_Bishlighhh 4 days ago
wtf he doesn't deserve a kiss! why do us women always have to prove ourselves weak and be foolishly sentimental to the same men who gave up and basically said fvck you?!
HodhanMohamud HodhanMohamud 5 days ago
Hhhhh coz de months makes it sound many 
de writers are being smart here, dontcha think☺
Does anyone thinks like it's almost exactly the scene from fifty shades where ana told christian about her being pregnant?
Thekillershot15 Thekillershot15 2 months ago
This story is so beautiful and like well written. Cheers to reading it twice!
AlixandraC AlixandraC 2 months ago
I feel like I wanna kill somebody. And this is just the beginning of the story.
Nevaeh94 Nevaeh94 2 months ago
A real man would have stayed and supported her and the baby no matter what! What a selfish aśś!