Black Butterfly BOOK 1 & 2 (COMPLETED)

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    (UNEDITED) "Just like in highschool, if you have the rooftop, it means that it is your territory and there would be no one to stop your ascension...but, standing at the top gives bittersweet feelings too in between your glory and your sorry." --- Black Butterfly (Bella Echizen Smith)
tingin ng mga nerd sa sarili nila baduy but its cool being nerd
Nirecommend lang to sakin nang friend ko at sobrang thankful ako sakanya haha! Share Langsss :3
Guys Plss Help naman po san pa makakabili ng book 2 hndi ko kase natapos ehh:)
mas mganda pag gnawang m0vie pho sa philipinas anp storing ito
tpux ku na pho bxahn ang 0ne and two, tree nlang ang kulng plc pu gumawa nkau
When first tym i read black butterfly sobrang ganda po :) Sana my Book 3 pa po :) Godbless..