When The Lines Fade...

"When one becomes a double agent, he campaigns on behalf of one side while appearing to campaign for another. And that presents a conundrum. What if, in order to campaign for the other side, you were required to sacrifice one of your own?" Barely in his twenties and already a highly decorated military hero, Army Special Forces veteran Blake Kershaw entered a virginia college to make his mother doubly proud, earning a degree while recovering from woulds recieved in Afganistan. But when Blake's country asks him to help avert a terrorist plot involving a nuclear attack on U.S soil, graduation plans must change. Suddenly, Blake is preparing to become an operative deep within al-Qaeda's innermost circles, changing his entire identity -- even his face -- and journeying into a shadow world that leaves friends, family and, seemingly, even God far behind. The lines between friend and foe are fading...
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I really like ur story!! I also really like how u describe everything:) it makes it easy to picture!  Can't wait to read more! ^_^

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