Zerrie Adopted me? [IN EDITING]

I ran. Ran away from him. Run away from our house. Tears began to blur my vision. Made me bump into someone, who look quite familiar. "Mum?" I stammered. How? I thought she's dead. ***************************************************** Hazel Carrile Williams is just a girl who is insecure. She has an abusive father. When did this all start? Oh yeah, When her mother (Zeela) died five years ago. She's been through hell. Everyday, she would get kicked, punched, and spit by his own father. She thinks that God hates her. ............. But when one day, her father got pissed-drunk, He did the unexpected. He kicked his own daughter out. Out of his house, Out of his life. ................... While Hazel ran, she bumped into someone. Blonde hair, Blue eyes. Hazel thought it was her mum, But no. It was Perrie Edwards. She bumped into Perrie Louise Edwards. _________________ Please NO hate! This was my very first story, and I'm editing it. Love lots! -Cherxxx *EDITED*
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I LOVE IT!!!!!! When I finished reading the description I immediately added to my library! Amazayn!
its not really all that so far............. Zerries more SPONTANINUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awww thanks for the credits your amazing writer and don't let anyone tell you different
I thought it was Liam to than I was like um yea it's Liam but evadently not but ok
No offence, but in the cover of the story, Hazel kind of looks like Liam. But please don'thate me /.\
This isn't original, maybe the characters but the plot itself has been done by hundreds. I'm sure you weren't the first one.

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