The Modern Voice (Book One in The Voices Series)

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Peyton By horsejmp Completed
it's about a modern voice being heard kept in the quiet, it boarders on fiction or fantasy but is also quite far from it! This could be real, and has drama and some romance in it.
    im trying to capture a real persons voice in this story.have fun reading.this first one if about a girl named Shining Jewel and what she goes through in her life.its a short story if its only by one person but im going to do multiple people thank goodness. and dont be scared to comment!the chapters will be short and choppy but don't worry! i need to keep you reading any way.
So far, I love it. I'll definitely keep reading. Voted for this magnificent story.(:
lol, if you want, I can tell them your proposal to have a Drama Category. :P
Your blurb is more of an authors note, i would recommend you chand that and otherwise, i seems good!
                                    @MaStefanLoves Drama is for tv - not stories, maybe in plays but not stories ;)
About the drama category AGREE wattpad needs it, Cuz it has so much useless categories and then there is the one that is more than basic! and it Doesn't have it! about the story its great plotted VOTED
Love this really awesome also love the cover and the way your writing flows great voted!
well maybe it does I guess drama though it has suspence does not go in there hum