The Death Dealer Chronicles Awakening (editing)

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XGorgeousNightmareX By XGorgeousNightmareX Updated 2 years ago
The fates have been cruel to Hades, lord of the Under World. First the land he was born to rule was taken out of his grasp, then a life full of loneliness and heartache landed up on his doorstep. Until the day he met Persephone. He swore he would make her his, no matter the cost. 
The lovely Persephone had other plans, fate had dealt her a card she did not wish to play. So she took her fate in to her own hands. 
Now Hades must find Persephone, hundreds of years later it will be much harder to do so. Even harder to tame a girl such as her. 
Will love find it's way into a cold heart of a man who wishes to possess the girl he was meant to have. Will trust, love, and feelings that Persephone can not explain be enough for her, when the life she has known has been a deadly one? What will the fates plan for these to tortured souls? 
Or will these two beings take their fates into their own hands and let love flow into their hearts and accept what was meant to be from the start.
AJ_96th AJ_96th 3 years ago
WHY?? Why did she have to kill herself?! Damn! I love this! I do think it would have been easier to read if you split this up into two chapters but honestly, the story was perfect! By the way, Zeus is an ass! What kind of creep does that to his daughter? Anyway, Damn nice job! :) Voted!
RAIN_Holt RAIN_Holt 3 years ago
@XGorgeousNightmareX if we all stopped writing becuase no one read it, we wouldn't have half the books we do today. i do have two questions though
Why did you call Olympus, Olympia?
Why is Artemis spelled the way it is?
just curious not trying to correct anything