Inspirational Stories

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Caroline By Caroline Updated 2 years ago
Inspirational Stories that will teach you something. Take a look at it please ^^

p.s. I don't take the credit for all of the stories inside ^^
@mandeepsinghmakker some are. We heard about one that killed her newborn son because he would  not stop crying when she was playing FarmVille. It's very sad but unfortunately true
:-( I just stocked ...!! 
 I believe  mom never looks like this ...its only story ...that's it.
First patents should understand the problem than take a action. with love if any parents tell their children's that "this is wrong and that is right".
It remind me of this story about a son & his dad. The father also beat his kid to death. TT^TT
What the heck is wrong with that mom. I would rather have half of an expensive lipstick left then a piece of my life that meant the world to me just left my life. She have had some serious problems, was she physco?
this is so sad. the problem is there is a little girl somewhere that will go through that and that should never ever happen x