Growing Flower ~ The Teenaged Girl's Guide to Becoming a Woman of God ~ Purity

The truth is most Christian girls our age want to wait to have sex until marriage. But more than 40% of these girls end up haveing sex before they are 18. But why? Do you want to stay pure for your husband and God but don't know how? Did you know that purity and virginity ARE NOT the same thing? Join me as I share openly what I have learned over the past, starting with making the commitment to stay pure until marrige to a heart-breaking day that took place only two weeks before I posted this book. Come, and let us learn to grow in Christ and become Godly woman.
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:-) For my 13th b'day my dad got me a purity ring! (We discussed it b4) and I never looked back since!
I have fallen in the past and I'm still trying attain purity thanks for the books
Hey, on facebook and twitter I have a page on virginity. It's a work in rpogress but I would love for you to be involved in it! it's called Mission:PURITY.
This is amazing! So many teenagers and young girls need something like this in their life :)
what is the point of this? btw i am not willing to be 'pure' for god.... i am atheist!! haha ;D
Omg! I am a Secret Keeper Girl too.. I LOVE Dannah Gresh.. I should so ask you if you like alot of the other purity authors as well:) Lol

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