The Perfect Strange

Lucas and Claryx are a part of two rival races- the Witches and the Wizards. Two magical assassins born to kill. But by a twist of faith, they are brought together, and given an opportunity to right the ancient hatred. But darker forces are lurking through the dimensions... attracted by the call of spilt blood. How can two people, that barely know each other, come together as one? However... the faceless oracle has told them this- the only cure is love. But love is a rare creature... and sometimes, it can't be found in the dark... This quick read will certainly satisfy your desires for a fantasy-filled adventure. Simply oozing with magic, 'The Perfect Strange' captures the classic tale of men vs women, but with a not-so classic twist... Read on, and discover a whole new world... that may not be so perfect after all...
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Just an FYI - sometimes when I read & vote for stories on my ip4, the votes don't appear :(
Great beginning, though rather rushed.~
I love the ending message. Very compelling. :D
Your description is amazing! :D It was like a movie in my mind, if that makes any sense xD And I love who it is dedicated to ;P Great job(:
This is brilliant, the way you write is absolutely brilliant. Your characters seem extremely realistic. I think I'll read on :D
This is really good!
I got a good mental image of what was going on, you do really well writing in 3rd person!
You got my vote!
I know this isn't the story yet, but this made me laugh(:
(Punishments can be very severe)
Going to read now!(:

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