The King of Everywhen

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Korsakov By Korsakov Completed
How can a king, who has ruled for over a thousand years be just as mortal as you and I?
Emerald_Voice22 Emerald_Voice22 a year ago
This is great. Another unique and good story of yours. I see you have many great ideas. Well done. :)
atMasiahWilliams atMasiahWilliams a year ago
at first I wasn’t going to read it. I thought "weird, play-like format". but clearly you are all about ideas, and this one is actually super fascinating. great concept.
143Usagi 143Usagi 2 years ago
Your stories and your awesome imagination to create sci-fi stories (or are they real? XD Just Kidding ^^) never cease to amaze me. . Nice One!
MotazAbumathkour MotazAbumathkour 2 years ago
I believe he was having "dinner" not "diner" :)

And this is GREAT! Is it something of a sequel to "slow down"?
crochetintime crochetintime 3 years ago
This is only the second story of yours that I've read, but they are both amazing. The way that you... I don't even know how to describe it. Everything is so... thought through, I guess. It's amazing. To think of these concepts and such is absolutely mind blowing. You are an amazing writer.
MysterE98 MysterE98 3 years ago
"although technically his reign was not everywhen because it only lasted from 982 ad to 2226 ad.