Married to EXO's Luhan

Nyx Li is a half korean and half chinese girl na ikinasal kay Luhan ng EXO ! paano ba yan ? mukhang pinapahirapn siya ni luhan? anong gagawin niya ? read to find out ! ^_^ - secretexofangirl <3
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,ohmgeeee... i kennuuut... ikaw na Nyx!... kaw na!.. haba ng hair, nahiya si rapunzel sa haba ng hair mo... hehehe
Dudeee. She's not taken. damn dude daamn.. take her away from that jerk -.- let's make an exchange gift. 
I give ya NYX and you give me luhan arasseo?
look who's talking. (to $uho)
me: -Pffft.. Di nya kasi aminin na Mayaman sya. Dude, get your black card out and take sooman's place-
makareact wagas. bae just shut the fuck up and be thankful. It's not poisoned or something. Why you gotta be so gay? ugh i'm gonna love ya anyway
lol. Xi has nothing related to lulu's name. 
btw how can  girl not notice that something's goin' on..
lol. I bet my mother in law wants yixing to be his son/daughter in law. and not me. >_< yixing please go away HAHAAH lol.

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