Unknown Obsession (Student X Teacher)

Joy is being stalked and the only person Who she can tell with is a teacher who seems to bully her Mr Poole. Finding more than just friendship from the teacher, She finally thinks she is save, but is she... May contain adult content. Will be edited and grammar fixed at a later date.
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I know that he like watching her sleep but he doesn't have to write it. That's just CREEPY!
he looks yummy when hes got about an inch long hair with it spiked up♡♡♡♡ when irs long i dont like it :'(
I gotta let you know that everyone wants to take you home tonight, but I'm gonna find a way to make you mine
I'm really loving this book!♥ Mr.Poole is drool worthy!:)♥ I'd die if he had an obsession for me^-^

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