Unknown Obsession (Student X Teacher)

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MJ Thompson By mazimai Updated 5 months ago
Joy is being stalked and the only person 
    Who she can tell with is a teacher who seems to bully her Mr Poole.
    Finding more than just friendship from the teacher, 
    She finally thinks she is save, but is she...
    May contain adult content. 
    Will be edited and grammar fixed at a later date.
please update unknown obsession. i love it and am dying to see what happens next. it is one of my favorite stories on wattpad
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i love this book! keep up the good work, don't let it turn into a cliche. please update soon, i am very interested to see what happens next.
My home life to a T.... Man she's exactly like me... Except I have brown eyes and she has Hazel 
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he looks yummy when hes got about an inch long hair with it spiked up♡♡♡♡ when irs long i dont like it :'(