EXO Memes

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saphirebluexx By saphirebluexx Updated a month ago
Exo Stan? Then read this at your own risk.
adik! baba team daw?? haha! im a new reader po! 
(a silent one) first book ko po is yung Bts.....
im a Kpoper" *that's what they call* i love EXO the most.
author english pa mooorrreeee! xD haha share tayo kay baba krease!
OK lng po....second bias ko lang po si kris kasi ang first bias ko naman ay si Kyungsoo my loves.....charaught....
author sainyo na si kris akin lang po si D.O ..hahah..cahroot!
Ok. Kris is yours... Luhan is MINE! AND ONLY MINE! MY ONE AND ONLY! Lol jk lng XD

alam ko nmn maraming may gusto kay Luhan ehhh at hindi ko naman sya pag mamay-ari. Hanggang pangarap nlng, XD :3