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A collection of short stories mostly written for smackdowns but also on a whim, genre ranges from horror to romance.
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Interesting, I swore I would never read another vampire story again but this is well written. Thank you.
@TwinPeacock Which is why pirates are more kick-arse than ninjas. We never cry. *smirks*
@TwinPeacock Buhaha, last I checked Ninjas dont cry. :P Or do you finally admit to not being one? *angelic smile*
@TwinPeacock Its no secret buddy. :P

This made me want to check out more of your works, maybe when I am back for good. (:
I'm yet to come up with a plot. Unless I decide to polish the one that was my year seven masterpiece :P
Just Jack :P
That is sickk (good way, duh) - and I don't mean just the 'resurrection'. Alejandro is crazyy :P

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