Her Billionaire Bosses

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**Mature Content** 
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After the death of her mother, Ashley has no place to stay. Her childhood home has been foreclosed, and she is half a million dollars in debt. Suddenly, culinary school isn't looking like her best decision. After her friend Tiffany puts in a recommendation for her to be the personal chef of a longtime friend, Ashley's life looks like it's finally turning around. That is until she shows up at the mansion of her new boss' house, and finds out she's not working for just a man, two men, and they're not just any men. They're Forbes's first and second most eligible bachelors.
Jacob and Adam have been lifelong friends, they started together, built up Spark Industries, and continue to strengthen their friendship. They share everything, from their home, to the women they bring into it, and when the fiery Ashley walks into their life they have to have her; the question is, will she let them into her life after getting to know their greatest secret?

I'm not very good at these, please just read it!
Warning: Ménage à Trois, Rated R, m/m, m/f, m/m/f

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I thought these were Jake's thoughts so I was like what he's wearing a thong?
Rejected rejected you just got rejected  r-e-j-e-c-t-e-d (Zoey 101)
Dust to dust now your not a cheerleader, that must really suck.
so sad that her mom died but least she had a friend to help her out
She spent hours getting ready. She's trying to look perfect. And, she isn't dressed like a prostitute.  If ya'll are gonna be negative, go away and read another dang book.
I don't think she'll be needing to make desert with what they thinking