Marry you for Baby (Book 1)

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*Book 1 of Marry You Series* <<EDITING>>
Elizabeth Candler had never thought she would be pregnant. Even worse, she never thought the baby's father would be Adam Kingsley, CEO of the company she currently worked at. The said CEO was also rumored for being a gay for showing almost zero interest in females. But since he slept with her, it proves he does love women, but is it because of the influence of alcohol?

But when Liz told him about her surprising pregnancy, he wanted them to get married, just for the baby's sake. Could Liz change his mind of getting married to her not just for the baby's sake?
Vampireheart4005 Vampireheart4005 a month ago
A baby is the most beautiful gift you could ever have. Don't just get mad and throw a fit. How could you do that? The baby is innocent.
writemeabook writemeabook 6 months ago
not trying to sound like an annoying reader, but you keep switching point of views haha
Chesmok Chesmok 7 months ago
Oh yeah the plot is very different. I just thought the coincidence was funny that's all. :P
Chesmok Chesmok 8 months ago
Haha I love how this story is kinda similar to my book. My book's main character is also named Liz and also wants to get married and also got pregnant and had a kid before marriage!
Great_Saf Great_Saf a year ago
Amazing story..... It just melts my heary :'( would like to read more of your books. I got hooked the moment i started the 1st chapter just AMAZING
HofTelle HofTelle 2 years ago
Hey :) I do editing here on wattpad, let me know if you would like for me to do some for you. Message if you're up for it. :D

Really liked the story, thanx (: