You Don't Know Me

So what happens when you grow up as the Daddy's little girl of the Alpha of the Red River Pack, one of the most powerful packs in the world. No, correction, THE most powerful pack in the world. But what happens when your mother and siblings leave your family and you are forced to choose between your parents? What happens when you chose your father? What happens when he loses it and becomes brutal and abusive? Instead of being a respected pack, you are now feared. What will happen to you, when you are the most powerful, large, and fierce wolf in the pack...even though you are only a 90 lb girl? You have the power to become Alpha and bring the pack to its former glory. On the way you would find love, family, respect, and power. However, that would means betraying your father... and challenging him...possibly to the death. What would you choose?
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Work on your grammar & punctuation. Add a bit more descriptions. But nice start :) <3 Voting!
It's a really good story!!! i like the description and flow of the story. cant wait to read more!!
I personaly am not abig fan of werewolf stories, I have only read two though... ANYWAY, THIS ONE IS REALLY GOOD SO FAR!

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