Don't Trust the Players

Growing up is difficult, no matter which way you spin it. For Nora Evans and Winnie Shy, trying to survive college courses, slutty ice princesses, jerks and gross school lunches is the least of their problems. With temptation high in the atmosphere, and a little drink here and there, they soon discover that life is a game, and if you don't know how to play it, tough luck; you lose.
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Where is the external link when using your phone?  I can't find one and I would like to read this story.
@BlAckRosE7777777 What I meant was that I entered a bet where I can't say a*esome so yes, I do mean that your story is great
Sorry, it's my fault, I shouldn't have gotten angry... 
PS your story is quite epic (I can't say awesome)
Where are rest of the chapters? - chap 2,4,6... That's why I was so confuse and had no idea what was happening - :S 
good stuff!!... i like your writing .. i hope i like the even chapters
uhmm i have a nickel :)
well i read it and sounds good 
i think imma keep reading ha

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