A Cutthroat Business, Savannah Martin mystery #1

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_JennaBennett By _JennaBennett Updated 2 years ago
First book in the Cutthroat Business mysteries about Southern Belle turned real estate agent Savannah Martin.


Everyone has warned new-minted realtor Savannah Martin that real estate is a cutthroat business. But Savannah doesn’t think she’s supposed to take the warning literally ... until an early morning phone call sends her to an empty house on the ‘bad’ side of town, where she finds herself standing over the butchered body of a competitor, face to face with the boy her mother always warned her about. 

Rafe Collier is six feet three inches of testosterone and trouble; tall, dark, and dangerous, with a murky past and no future—not the kind of guy a perfect Southern Belle should want to tangle with. In any way. But wherever Savannah turns, there he is, and making no bones about what he wants from her. 

Now Savannah must figure out who killed real estate queen Brenda Puckett, make a success of her new career, and avoid getting killed—or kissed—by Rafe, all before the money in her savings account runs out and she has to go back to selling make-up at the mall.
IreanneChambers IreanneChambers 3 years ago
@BenteGallagher, me and my nook will be taking up that offer :)