Breaking the Routine: Can Have Consequences

Twenty-six years old Samantha Peters has been a good girl, never broke the rules, never did anything crazy, and never stood out in any way. Her best friend conviences her to go to New York for the weekend, where she has her first one night stand. No big deal, right? No one back home would ever know and she'd never see him again...right?
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I too got bored of Tabby's games, saw that coming but I love the suspense behind it all. Sam don't freak out, relax!
Oh dear ho utterly embarrassing for Sam. Out of all the people what are the odds ... fate I guess.
First of all killer pic. Love the shoes. And great synopsis. Def gonna check it out
Oooooh, bad girl!
and I say that in the nicest way possible. I already love this story. It's phenomenial. No, I'm not a 1D fan, it's just fun to say that.
Cute, glad she feels good about the whole thing! Sam's a good name for her. Reading on.
I think it's a very interesting start, I like sam, she's a really awesome character!

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