The Hunter's Haven

6 Part Story 1.1K Reads 30 Votes
Alex Beveridge By SteamPoweredBevers Updated 2 years ago
Flow Constantine has never had any real friends, being both extremely hostile and a Daywalker. Her father was slaughtered in an elevator when she was seven, and her mother was brutally mutilated simply for being a Daywalker. But then Ryu Daggers - also known Jace - a mysterious Djamphir, takes her in, befriending her and helping her to develop her alchemical and psychic skills. Through her development, she experiences both the wrath of the Damnata and their High Guard, and the wrath of being an endangered Daywalker in a world full of hating, sadistic and psychotic hunters. It becomes known to Flow that every family has its secrets, and the Daggers family are no different, although it is unbeknownst to Flow that she is being lured into a trap, and the one she loves the most is most probably her very own trapdoor spider.
Your writing skill is really good :) can't wait till the next bit :)