This Isn't Me

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HollyMD By HollyMD Updated 2 months ago
Spencer is the new girl in town, (big city Los Angeles) from a small quiet town in Ohio. She meets Ashley, whom she instantly connects with. Hard times, broken relationships, betrayal, and more...
Can I just say that SON was , to me, one of the best shows ever!!!
Hey would u mind checking out my story and telling me what u think? I would really appreciate it!x
This is a series that was on like 2006-2008 it's was called south of nowhere !
This is just like me and my two see sisters and friends and mom
lol, I already like this book.
1. because im from a small quiet town in ohio
and 2. because my real name's ashley. b:
You should write what it's about. Like do the thing that books have on the back. Give people an idea of what they are about to read.