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_TheMissplacedY By _TheMissplacedY Updated a year ago
Life is tough being a WereCat... Its even worse when your family hates you, and wishes your early demise... 
But a few days ago I met a stupid, arrogant, sexy -I mean nasty- son of a bitch (literally) who seems to only add to... 
Then he kissed me, and JESUS... 
Now I'm hooked...
JaedeaLuminecent JaedeaLuminecent 3 years ago
t first I was reluctant to read this book, but I gave it a chance and now I'm glad I did!!
Lollipoptotheworld Lollipoptotheworld 3 years ago
Hahaha he´s a little kitten thingy! :D Loved the last sentence the "tried to think of a way to escape this overgrown chihuhua" xD
RadiateYourLove RadiateYourLove 3 years ago
I'm currently editing my story so I can't read all of it. But most of it sounds sooo good!! Very descriptive.
FunnSizeeJazzi FunnSizeeJazzi 3 years ago
OMFJ that was amazing! 
i wanna
*gives you a puppy*