Players, Bumps and Cocktail Sausages (SAMPLE)

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natashapreston By natashapreston Updated a year ago

*Stand alone spin off of Broken Silence. You do NOT need to read the first books to understand and enjoy this* 

Ex-player Jasper Dane has settled down with his childhood sweetheart, Abby, and is desperate to start a family with his wife. With her career as a high school teacher blossoming, Abby puts their family plans on hold.

The birthday of his young niece makes him realise he needs to come to terms with what happened to his sister as a child and accept that it was out of his hands. Jasper seeks help but ends up forced to face some things in his life that he thought were over. 

Broken hearted at his wife’s sudden change of heart and suspicious of the way she is acting, Jasper takes action, sparking a chain of events that make his once well planned out life spiral.
"I fly out the window and my brains will fall out." so cute.... love it!
Tris350 Tris350 5 months ago
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Not old until Ur 30 hon. You can still get some! .& u were not a whore. U didn't charge money. U were just a man-slut.

Love you!
laughii laughii 9 months ago
I can't find this on Kobo!! :(
Is it on Kobo or only Amazon?? 
I really want this book!!!
neerunni neerunni 10 months ago
Jasper is such a kid. Everleigh is a sweetheart. Lover her name. Fab writng. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Topcat66 Topcat66 a year ago
Enjoyed reading this. Found it quite funny in parts. Keep on writing. It's great!
Topcat66 Topcat66 a year ago
I enjoyed reading this. Yes, marriage can be hard sometimes!