Arrows of an Evergreen

Lily Flynn Harper, otherwise known as the infamous Lee Flynn- everyone knows who she is and what she does. In the villages surrounding Evergreen Woods, all they speak about is Lee. Ever since her father disappeared when she barely a teen, she has been fending for her family. Wickedly good with a bow and arrow in her hands, her winnings keep her family alive, and whenever she had a coin or two to spare, off she would go to the surrounding villages to offer the poorest of them money, in exchange for information. The locals were a good source of palace gossip. After returning from 'lodging' school in the neighbouring kingdom, Lee forms a band of roguish villagers, and performs small raids on the rich. What happens when a night in the forest with a mysterious stranger, and a castle raid gone wrong brings Lee to the castle?
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@stargazerx haha of course I'm still reading this :D no pressure! dang it's been a while though, huh?? haha but i understand :)
OMG the suspense! I want to know who that is!!!! Great chapter, cannot wait for your next upload!!! :D
@stargazerx aha that's fine, usually it takes me a week to update so i understand and w00t! aww yeah, i feel special ;D

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