Zemblanity (Book One of the Juliette Series)

Previously known as Juliette (Book One). Juliette Greene led a life, which if viewed through a cheerleader's eyes would be pathetic. She was the dull, plain loner who was avoided by both the sex. The typical high school life which most students dream of was a far cry from what Juliette endured every single day. Nobody cared or noticed this invisible teenager . . . so you can imagine the shock she experienced when someone did notice her for a change. It was the sarcastic, rude and cynical Nathaniel Evans who took an instant liking towards her. But that's not all . . . he is a vampire, a creature believed to exist only in myths. Juliette's life takes a dangerous turn when she is thrown into a world of lies, deceit, betrayal, murder and mayhem. She is forced to choose between humanity and immortality. What will she choose? Rated PG.
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I absolutely love this series! This is such a good book, you have such an amazing talent :) <3
What Movie Was That For The Trailer ? I Loved It By The Way And Cant Wait To Read The Book ! :D
I saw the trailer you posted on a discussion, and I was hooked from there. It was absolutely amazing! So I would like to give a shout out and saw WOW! :)
Very good

Love the song

For the banner - you can edit it or ask artist from book cover club to add title, author and subtitle :)
It's very well written. A down to earth girl as the main character, finally. I like her:)
the chapter's pretty intriguing ill def keep reading:) i dont hate vampires but neither do i love them. but this story is worth reading. :)

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