Mia just buried her brother and sister-in-law, inherited their ranch and 3 month baby boy and now finds herself in a cellar with a all too hot Sam hiding from a tornado
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O Sam is just awesome, hopefully  he doesn't have any past lovers coming between them....
thats the kind of cowboy i want one that is bossy but in a sexy loving way. love this story
I enjoyed this story!  Loved the chemistry between Sam & Mia!  Ending was charming & sweet!
Thank u!  Look forward to more of your stories!
Have a great day!
would have loved a bit longer chapter but anyhoo YOU UPDATED :D Thannkk you. cant wait for more xx
U really have great ideas:) I am eagerly waiting for more:) supporting u all the way!
This is going to be a good story and I read "Run" twice,so sweet.I hope you update soon.thanks!

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