OMG!!! This has to be the most annoying things on wattpad!

Me and my friend got together and decided to write a story that contains all the things we hate on wattpad. Hope you enjoy and remember don't do these things when writing a story!
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please continue:D i'm in love with it, i have my exams going on and i'm completely hooked.....!
Oh my GAwd! This story is the bestest thing I've ever red!!!! I loled so much! and Ryan is so Awsom!!
Most annoying thing on Wattpad? When people make the titles of their stories WAY too long and add in a bunch of text words. -.-
I won't go into much detail, but I find this annoyingly offensive to some people.
Nuff said.
~ Ekemini.
You do know it isn't marshmellows, though right. I mean, a spelling mistake on wattpad! Inconceivable. 
Oh my god!!! LMAO u just hit the nail on the head. I hate the whole lyrics thing too they take up like a whole page.

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