OMG!!! This has to be the most annoying things on wattpad!

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Me and my friend got together and decided to write a story that contains all the things we hate on wattpad. Hope you enjoy and remember don't do these things when writing a story!
Lmao! I hate this too. It's okay to be a little descriptive, but it gets so annoying when people spend a whole fuckiñg 10 pages on it, like we get it.
OMG!!! hahahahaa:D LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
                                    this has to be the most hilarious thing i've ever read...especially that Ryan thing!!! LOL LOL and that "I'm even richer than the richest girl here" hahaha:D please continue...!!
mgg this is an actually really annoying story I LOVE WAT UR DOING!! :P
Oh my GAwd! This story is the bestest thing I've ever red!!!! I loled so much! and Ryan is so Awsom!!
Most annoying thing on Wattpad? When people make the titles of their stories WAY too long and add in a bunch of text words. -.-
Okay the descriptiveness was kinda over the top. I mean if you start off descriptive it is okay but right here? Wow. That was just pitiful. Totally get it, on to the next topic