Spirits and Demons

Spirits and Demons is a true story that has been long in waiting to be written. James Michael's survival story is like no other, as the reader will discover. As the story moves along, the reader will be astonished upon realizing James Michael's sheer will to live and survive his unfortunate circumstances.
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This story has peaked my interest, the title drew me to it, I like this already...
James, I didn't know about this..you were a miracle! What a story..I'll keep reading before I say any more :)
Poor James Michael. A heart murmur can grow with the age and all depends of the size of the heart vs. the size of the body.
Added to my reading list, James, as requested. Am reading. And vtd cause, man, you go to the heart of the matter.
Well at least they're finding out something about it. I think that's sometimes good & can be not good too - depends ? VT
What an amazing beginning you had, James Michael, a miracle baby, whose father signed the birth card, but didn't give you his name. Nicely penned. vtd.

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