Mia Shannon struggles to adjust to her life in San Francisco after moving there from the south. It's hard being the only black girl at the company she works for and even harder when she's the personal assistant to two of the most wealthiest, gorgeous men white men she's ever seen. Mia finds herself having feelings for both her bosses and realizes nothing can ever become of them except to exist in her fantasies.

Kale and Aidan fell in love with Mia the moment she walked into their office for an interview for the personal assistant position. It took them almost four years to get close enough to Mia where she was comfortable enough to be around them as best friends. Now they want more and they are determine to make Mia the only woman in their life.
XxMisguidedGhostxX XxMisguidedGhostxX 17 days ago
Just finished reading The Importance of Being Kept, and I had to read Mia's story again!! I freaking love your books Madison!! The best thing that ever happened to me on Wattpad :)
I like how even Aidan knows that Kale goes into his usual caveman attitude
Amethystangel23 Amethystangel23 2 months ago
I don't care what above had to say. kale makes me swoon and dizzy and this is like the 5th time in reading this amazing story. if no one wants him I do.
-sonotfetch- -sonotfetch- 2 months ago
@misswinehouse wow. Black men say it's a disgrace but then date white women and are looked up for it..
untana untana 3 months ago
That's impossible because of affirmative action it's illegal and their business would be closed down they have to have a mixture of races and genders. It can't be just be white people. (Sorry I know you probably don't care but I thought you would like to be informed)
Kawaii_Neko-Chan Kawaii_Neko-Chan 3 months ago
@misswinehouse haha ikr, jeez, im guessing this is the first mxfxm story these people have read. Not me, i love these kind of stories