Water Goddess

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Skylinger By Skylinger Updated 8 months ago
When Kailani turns 16 she is quickly thrust into the world of gods, goddesses, demi-gods, and guardians. Kailani is powerful and as the only daughter of Poseidon she is valuable. The teenager soon learns the gods are on the verge of a power struggle. Alliances quickly form and enemies are all around. Kailani doesn't want power but to save those she cares about she just might have to fight and embrace the water and her destiny.
I'd prefer if you could keep spelling consistent. 

And I hope Kailani gets to see her mother periodically.
Spelling errors. But the story is too good for them to detract
like your stories they're really good.
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Its a work in progress
who ever write this story i will vte for this beacause i like gods :)
I thought this story was deleted on fictionpress.com after it was discontinued for a long period.
I didn't expect to find it here.
oh. U should post soon. Very soon. Im loving this story plz.ould post soon. Very soon. Im loving this story plz.