Me & the boy with the IV

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bellapotter_16 By bellapotter_16 Completed
When Lacey meets Joel in the hospital there is no doubt in her mind that they were destined to be together. The only problem was, he was diagnosed with cancer and her life was spiralling out of control.
Neena2 Neena2 4 months ago
Aww why don't we have such guys now adays, who are so forward and nice
Blondeswolf Blondeswolf 6 months ago
Are you the same person that wrote My arrogant Over protective Mate.  Katnisslerman16
wazupbitchitsalyx wazupbitchitsalyx 7 months ago
Hi kayla!! It's me your cousin Alyx for Scotland haha! I love your book so much! My gran gave me a copy and I alway read it! Send me mail on Facebook some time!xx
AbbeyKeeton AbbeyKeeton 11 months ago
OMG I was just saying Logan would make a good Joel (on the app can't see pics) and then I read the author note haha
DeshawnJohnson DeshawnJohnson a year ago
I want to read this but after crying like a nut while reading "It All Started With An Apple". I think I learned my lesson.
octopi octopi a year ago
I read this about 2 years ago and I've never forgotten how much it touched me, I read it in one go and ended up sobbing my eyes out on the train for an hour after finishing. I'm so happy to find it again ;___;