My Prison Mate

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Madason By Madason Updated 2 years ago
Justin, sheriff of the small town: Deer, has finally met his mate. Problem is she happens to be a robber he's been tracking down for quite a while now. But finally he's found her! And now that he has, he's not letting go! But there's a reason why Arianna has been stealing, and Justin can't help but want to take away all her problems. That can't be to hard with Arianna stuck in a jail cell with her sexy, seductive,hot mate as her cell guard. And by the time Arianna is done serving time in the police station's jail, she knows that Justin won't let her go. And she doesn't know if she'll want him too.
Idk who plays them so I'm just gonna imagine them as ariana grande and justin bieber
How did the sheriff go from a girl to a guy at the beginning that confused me yu said like a 23 yr old female has nothing better to do then they catch the perp an the sheriff turns into a guy with a hard cock
I love how he didn't hesitate to tell her that she's his.Love the story so far.
Me reading past sentences before authors note: Well.... that escalated quickly
Luv this already! XD  Luv how protective n attracted he is of her already X)
Great plot. Only mistake in it is that you write 'bye' when you're supposed to have 'by' there instead.
'The cope was bye my side.'
Can't wait to read the next chapter :3