Darkness Meets Light

17 year old Jessamine Taylor has just recently moved to California after her parents both get job promotions. She's very excited, being that Cali doesn't seem much different than New Jersey. The only thing that catches her off guard is one of Hamminton High School's bad boys, Harry Styles. Something is different about this boy, and she wants to find out.
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petite u must be fucking with me now. Every chick in fanfic be skinny with curves and shit make me feel insicure
This is their first fanfic and you guys are really helpful to her. Help gimme feed back on mine? It would mean a lot. XX
@DNA_Dna get your facts straight, I didn't say NOR write that it was "that bad" , I just wrote that it wasn't "that good" 
@Cupcake07x3 Try googling Dark fanfiction Tumblr! or look up dark128.tumblr.com ! The writers names Hannah! you'll love it!  
Does anyone know where I can find dark , is it on wattpad , and is it good? I read after and I really liked it and I wanna read dark
After wasnt even that good, it was basically about how much whiny tess wanted the d

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