Learning to Fall

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youXfoundXme By youXfoundXme Completed
Renee had everything. She was the cheer-leading captain, Miss Popular, and had the perfect boyfriend. Everyone loved her. She had everything a girl could ever want and never once did she imagine what would happen if she lost it all.
After a freak accident that killed both her parents, Renee gets a kick from reality. Forced to move to her aunt and uncle's with her kid brother, she has to spend the rest of her senior year at a boarding school. As she sinks into a depression, she learns, truly, what it feels to fall.
amazing_girl26 amazing_girl26 2 months ago
wow!reading the comments ryt now makes me excited!!well I found dis at wattpad best so I think that dis is a good book..
AorRsquared AorRsquared a year ago
Wow. I know this is the beggining and all but I've finished and wanted to say this: I have never said this before but you should definitely publish this book it is really unique and amazing :)
ErinA7XLUV ErinA7XLUV 2 years ago
This is one of the best stories I've read. I loved it. I def cant see what else you have written. You did a great job with this story. :)
HariRose19 HariRose19 2 years ago
Wow! That was kinda sad! Can't wait to find out what happened to lead them to the boarding school. Must read on!
reyesbabyx reyesbabyx 3 years ago
so excited to start reading this!
my name's renee too! haha :)
lovinlifelivinlove lovinlifelivinlove 3 years ago
@youXfoundXme no prob. As a writermyself I enjoy people commenting and I thought such a great book should be told wat a great job its doing and be encouraged I should be thanking u for giving me the oppurtunity to read something so beautiful