My Own Reality

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Gracie_Strattyn By Gracie_Strattyn Updated a year ago
Emma was always withdrawn. She spent her free time writing, often forgetting the real world and going off into the new ones she created. When her parents decided that she needed help, they sent her away to a mental health facility in the hopes that they would help her stop writing and join society. Emma ran away two weeks later and disappeared for three months. During that time, she managed to get a job as a cashier and now lives in a small trailer on the outskirts of town. One day, after a very strange morning, she came home to a mysterious man in her house. He claimed to be the human embodiment of her computer. He knew everything about her, all her likes and dislikes, all her darkest fears and secrets . . . but is he real or is she just losing her mind like everyone already believed she was?
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