A Walk in the Park

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_BlooTurtles By _BlooTurtles Updated 3 years ago
I had nowhere to go to shelter from this storm. I looked at my watch; 5.26am, it was early morning so no shops would be open; I would have to stick it out here. I dished my iPod out my bag, putting the headphones in my ear; I continued to walk down the grey park, with the rain beating down; wishing that I still had a home and a family who cared for me. I guess it’s my fault for all this anyway...
FreakLikeMe FreakLikeMe 3 years ago
I really like this! I love your writing! Upload soon! Great work! :)
ImAFishMOO ImAFishMOO 3 years ago
This was sooo good! 
I really want to find out what's happened to Melanie :D
ImAFishMOO ImAFishMOO 3 years ago
Oooh I promised to read one of your stories and this one had an an amazing description xP
This is really awesome so I'm gonna go to the next chapter x))
*Votes on this* 
P.s Looove the song on the side! xD
dalool dalool 3 years ago
@BlooTurtles Ur welcome and I forgive you
Uploaded a new chapter of stupi stupid marriage 
Hopefully u can read it and tell me what u think
dalool dalool 3 years ago
A) you could have told me you had a new story
Like hey dalool , I wrote a new story
I'm just kidding
Ya I like it , I wanna know what's going to happen 
Upload soon