On The Origin of Species

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This book has been banned numerous times since original publication because of its content. "Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, published on 24 November 1859, is a work of scientific literature which is considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology." (via Wiki)
Electroowl Electroowl 14 days ago
Well... Sounds to me like you are ignorant to the truth mate... ;)
HerobrineGir1 HerobrineGir1 a year ago
1. I am a Seventh Day Adventist
2. I am reading this so I can defend my faith.
3. Don't think you can turn me into an evolutionist.
kaylaashton kaylaashton 2 years ago
I only read this because I couldn't sleep and needed to read a boring book. Sorry Charles Darwin, you're smart and all but you're boring as hell.