Growing Up Rough [boyxboy] [slash]

Seventeen year old Fly Wilder is finding it increasingly difficult to fill his late father’s boots. Fly has to juggle a grieving mother, an irresponsible older brother, a younger brother who’s completely off the rails, and unwanted feelings towards his best mate Vinnie, all while trying to pay the bills and put food on the table. Council estates, knife crime, parkour and juvie threats… It’s all part of life when you’re Growing Up Rough.
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You're one of my favorite authors on here because 1. You're funny 2. You're a GREAT writer and 3. You actually care about what your readers think!
PRETTY PLEASE CONTINUE THIS!!<3 It's probably my favourite story on here even though it's only 6 parts long. T-T
I started crying in part two and couldn't stop. You are one talented writer! Keep it up! Sorry to hear about your loss as well. I hope you're okay. :)
Not many people write "zak" like so.
People usually write zack. beside  that I really like your story
Great! You mentioned this in "top and tail" so I thought I'd check it out. Great so far! =D
Out of all of the stories in my library, this is one that I'm most excited about. Thanks for posting, and I can't wait for the next installment.

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