Growing Up Rough [boyxboy] [slash]

Seventeen year old Fly Wilder is finding it increasingly difficult to fill his late father’s boots. Fly has to juggle a grieving mother, an irresponsible older brother, a younger brother who’s completely off the rails, and unwanted feelings towards his best mate Vinnie, all while trying to pay the bills and put food on the table. Council estates, knife crime, parkour and juvie threats… It’s all part of life when you’re Growing Up Rough.
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I was about to ask that actually! But I think it means boyxboy stories. Though I'm not very sure.
Ugh Ikr. Like, I'd someone takes they time to graffiti something, they better do it well...
I have a question because I'm very stupid. What does slash mean when u put it on the book name like u do
*awkwardly skips paragraph, trying to deny that I just read the boy version of me*
I am doimg Helen Keller for an interview project...

Walking with a friend in the dark is better that walking alone in the light
@alywashere17 ah, also, give me your hard drive. Must. See. Scripts. You have your other scripts on that one too, right?

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