Growing Up Rough [boyxboy] [slash]

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AlyWasHere17 By AlyWasHere17 Updated 11 days ago
Seventeen year old Fly Wilder is finding it increasingly difficult to fill his late father’s boots. Fly has to juggle a grieving mother, an irresponsible older brother, a younger brother who’s completely off the rails, and unwanted feelings towards his best mate Vinnie, all while trying to pay the bills and put food on the table. Council estates, knife crime, parkour and juvie threats: it’s all part of life when you’re Growing Up Rough.

~cover by PandaGuts~
kaysa1292001 kaysa1292001 14 days ago
So Jason is a hippie, fly is the breadwinning, stressed out parent, and Zak is the tween trying to find his crowd and failing.
un_ayy_corns un_ayy_corns 25 days ago
ive read almost all of your other stories and ive learned to have urban open in another tab lmao
_bookluva_ _bookluva_ 2 months ago
I was about to ask that actually! But I think it means boyxboy stories. Though I'm not very sure.
Omegahybrid_ciel Omegahybrid_ciel 5 months ago
I have a question because I'm very stupid. What does slash mean when u put it on the book name like u do
MetaKnight4ever MetaKnight4ever 7 months ago
OMG it's so awesome OwO Wait, hold on..
*Tries to stop hyperventilating as I realise that I have the exact same name as one of your characters* OMG ILY you spelt it the same way too! (Not gonna tell you who it is though b/c I'm weird)
GeoffrytheButtler GeoffrytheButtler 2 years ago
Damn school work. :I I wanna read more! this is so good so far :D