Carlisle's Day as a Cover Teacher

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CullenGirl1901 By CullenGirl1901 Completed
Forks High is running low on staff and call in Dr Cullen to be a sub for the day. He has classes with all his kids. What fun! But of course something's BOUND to go wrong. Rated PG for sex references *One Shot*
yay know, I used to say that Esme was boring.  I don't think I'll be saying that anymore.  I mean, she sounds like me!
I am dying laughing right now  good job  this is now one of my favorite story I can read when I am having a bad day  this story is so funny bring on more funny scenes and situations
ahhhh the horror that image would have scared me for life if I was in the classroom and from that simple detail I sorta had an exact idea of that video and now my innocent eyes are scared forever jkjkjk
Lol to funny , I love their reactions to Carlisle and esme teaching at the school.
this is the most hilarious story i have read so far and for the third time ever i was laughing so hard that i was crying :D CullenGirl1901 you are brilliant
This is so funny!!! Just imagining Carlisle going nuts about his children and runnin' around is cuhhhrazyyy!!!! XD