Broken Angel (On Hold)

Angel is old. So very very old. Yet her face, her body, her health is in perfect condition. Angel is a Were-child, created to guard and protect the earth and its inhabitants. After the war between the Humans and the Were-Children wiped out most of Angels race, she believes herself to be all alone, wandering indefinitely, with no purpose and barely any thing left to live for. She longs for the touch of another like herself, some-one who can understand who she is and the duty she is burdened with. She barely remembers who she is any more and has long ago lost sight of who she was destined to be. But what if there is someone who can help her to remember? What if there was someone who could give her purpose? What if Angel discovered that her past had continued back further than she could remember? Things are waiting for her, mysterious things, haunting things, things that destroy and bring life at the same time. Angel is running out of time, she needs to remember before she is forced to face the biggest choice of all. Can you fix something that is broken? Or must it be destroyed forever?
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*gasp* He's the ice wolf! ;! And the others the fire :) One of the girls or this twin? Hmmmmm
OMG! I'm a little scared to read the next chapter, but I love this book already.
Woah, I have the strange feeling of déjà vu right now... Haha but any who I'm liking this story so far! 
have you read evermore? it's not a wattpad story but this kind of reminds me of it. i totally love this!! please update soonn!!!!!
Pleeeeeeeeeeeease update :3 you can't say no to the puppy dog face! Or else the puppy dog face will cry :'(
Oh wow even just the first two chapters were incredible. You are such an amazing author!!! Please update soon :3

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