Truth, Magic & Memories( On Hold SORRY)

This story is about two best friends, that get kidnaped from there home. Then 10 years latert, with out having any memorie of there past go to a magical school for "gifted" kids. The school pf Fae. At this school they meet two boys that they least suspeced to fall in love with but they face a danger that not even the headmaster, one of the most powerful warlocks in the world, could ever face. Will Michie and Anni have the happily ever after they have always wanted or will their life fade away before it's even begun.
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awee so cute and amazing ur relli good at writing u only have a lil bit of spelling errors but its amazing!!!
so they don't remember any of their lives before they got kidnaped, and what did that bastard do to her! SHE SHOULD BURN HIM!
Wow, that's realy dramatic, and I can just imagine having a water fight with my friend if we could control water
I like it :) it's really good and the childish language is effective - the speech more so - and its fun until they get caught...

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