Elementalist: The beginning

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Ivory_pen By Ivory_pen Updated a year ago
A war without casualties. A forgotten history. A prophecy yet to be fulfilled ~

Follow the lives of four teens as they are forced to uncover the mystery surrounding their pasts in order to protect their future. But with their strange gifts awakening and everyone coming after them, can they come together in time to unravel the truth and prepare themselves for the deadly storm heading their way?

[Long Novel]
JustAnOldVCR JustAnOldVCR a year ago
Love it! I'm in love with your beginning. It is just mind blowing. You give vivid descrpitions and its so ell put together. I wish I could write like you! Simply great. That's all I can really say!
Louislove63 Louislove63 a year ago
Review on the  elementist

Author : @Ivory_pen


Review:The start was excellent. I had a great picture in my mind. Good description of every feeling.  It's not really my type of story which got me a bit bored. 


Will I read:No
Riksta10001 Riksta10001 a year ago
Ok so I only have time to skim read this tonight (I will give a full critique tomorrow, time permitting). I just wanted to say I love this so far. You have a great writing style, but there were some minor grammatical flaws which I will go over tomorrow :)
MyztikalTearz MyztikalTearz 2 years ago
This was a very complex prologue. A lot of ingredients for a lengthy novel :)